Meteum API

General information

  • Meteum API is an HTTP interface that provides access to weather data.
  • Meteum API returns request results in JSON format.
  • You need to be authorized to receive data. You can access the API by passing a key in the header of the HTTP request
  • The main scenario for using the API is getting current weather information or a forecast for a specific geographical location. To get weather data for a particular location, you need to pass its coordinates (its latitude and longitude) in the API request.
  • Meteum API can provide quite a lot of information about the weather conditions at a particular location. Use the request parameters to explicitly specify what information you're looking for.
  • The GraphQL query language is used to set request parameters.
  • The GraphQL schema also defines the response format. You can learn more about the schema and try making requests on the Meteum API page.

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